14th Annual Chemical/Petrochemical Strategic Sourcing Summit

Increase of speed and quality while reducing costs have always been the goal of procurement experts. How can companies develop stronger supplier relations and implement digital transformation and emerging technologies to fulfill this goal? On top of that, the growing demand for sustainability within chemical and petrochemical industries is adding a new variable in procurement planning and management of suppliers.

By attending the 14th Annual Chemical/Petrochemical Strategic Sourcing Summit, you will receive insights regarding these topics and thus build a base of knowledge and ideas about opportunities how to improve procurement function further within your company. The event aims to provide you with tips and key learning from recent transformation projects implemented in the top companies in the industries. Join us to hear the presentations from the senior expert speakers and discuss topics such as digital transformation, emerging technologies, risk management, supplier relations development, procurement positioning, value creation, and more. Do not miss this opportunity to gain new perspective to make your procurement function more efficient and agile.

Event Website: http://strategicsourcingsummit.com