2nd International Conference on Nutrition, Health and Aging 2019

Madridge Conferences is very happy to announce “2nd International Conference on Nutrition, Health and Aging” to be held during August 1-2, 2019 at Valencia, Spain. Nutrition-2019 brings upon a new platform to share and discuss all the recent advances in the field of Nutrition, Health and Aging.

The first International Conference on Nutrition, Health and Aging was huge success, as the participants enjoyed, appreciated, and were enriched by the presentations given by the nationally and internationally recognized speakers from 18 countries all over the world.

Nutrition-2019 covers all the broad sessions which are interrelated to the Human Nutrition, Paediatric and Maternal Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Cancer and Diet, Eating disorders, Nutrition market, Nutrition and Obesity, Diabetic nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Clinical nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Genetically modified foods, Aging, Gerontology, and Public Health.
Our goal is to provide health practitioners with an understanding of the central role of nutrition in health and healing.

Nutrition-2019 conference provides an overview and practical summary of the latest information on nutrition and health presented by leaders in scientific research, clinicians skilled in nutritional medicine, experts on food and agricultural policy, and professionals from all over the world.

Nutrition-2019 conference includes Keynote lectures and Plenary Talks by eminent personalities from around the world in addition to contributed papers both oral and poster presentations.

Conference mainly focuses on:

* Maternal and Paediatric Nutrition
* Nutritional deficiencies and Disorders
* Clinical Nutrition
* Nutrition and Health
* Food Science and Technology
* Childhood Obesity and Weight loss
* Diabetes and Microbiome Diet
* Animal and Livestock Nutrition
* Antioxidants
* Moderate Malnutrition and Nutrition Literacy
* Nutritional Epidemiology
* Nutrient Profiling and Health Benefits
* Nutrigenomics
* Sports Nutrition
* Importance of Nutritional therapies
* Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals and Nootropics
* Gerontology, Geriatrics and Aging
* Neuroscience of Aging and Psychiatric Disorders