2nd International conference on oncology and radiology

Magnus Group successfully completed its “International Conference on Oncology and Radiology” (ICOR 2016) at Dubai, UAE. Following the overwhelming success, we take pleasure to announce second edition “2nd international Conference on Oncology and Radiology” which will take place during September 17-19, 2018 at Italy in beautiful city Rome.

ICOR Oncology 2018, planned to achieve the knowledge transfer of highly updated and relevant information to a broad audience in oncology radiology and related specialists in the field. It can be achieved by scheduled scientific sessions, keynote presentations by renowned scientists, and poster sessions at this radiation oncology conference, which promises to deliver something for everyone involved in cancer research or practice.

Meeting place for simulative discussions on ongoing research in the field of oncology and radiology, recognized as largest oncology conferences in 2018 scheduled in Rome Italy during September 17-19, 2018. Latest Advances in the research are discussed compared to all other cancer conferences or radiology conferences in 2018 and 2019 around the world.

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Event Website – https://icorad.com/