2nd International Translational and Regenerative Medicine Conference

2nd International Translational and Regenerative Medicine Conference is going to be held from April 15-16, 2019 at Valencia, Spain. ITMC-2019 aim is to emphasize scientific and academic activities towards the advances made in rapidly emerging discipline focused on bridging technologies and discoveries in the laboratory with basic, clinical & translational research and practice.

Below are the multidisciplinary scientific sessions of ITMC-2019:

• Translational Medicine Therapeutics & Novel Technologies
• Clinical and Translational Medicine in Cancer Pharmacology
• Advances in Translational & Regenerative Medicine
• Biomedical Engineering Techniques & Biomedicine
• Translational Stem cell Research
• Regenerative Therapies & Stem Cell Therapy
• Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation & Replacement
• Applications of Stem Cells in Regeneration
• Regenerative Medicine in Various Diseases
• Biomarkers in Translational Medicine
• Tissue Regeneration using Nanofibers/Nanotechnology
• Translational Neuroscience
• Medical Devices and Artificial Organs
• Genetic Modification of Cells and Tissues
• Translational studies in Vaccines & Immunology
• Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials
• Embryonic Development & Regeneration
• Cell & Bio Molecular/ Nuclear Imaging

Please mail us at: itmc@madridge.com

For submitting your Abstract you can upload it using the submission form at: https://itmc.madridge.com/abstract-submission

ITMC-2019 promises Sponsorship and Exhibition packages by giving opportunities for sponsors, exhibitors and media partners for various marketing opportunities available who wish to align their product/service with us and promoting their products and services.