Hilaris Conferences invites you to be a part of the AI World 2019 conference in London, UK on June 06-07, 2019. Artificial Intelligence is a beautiful gift of technology to the humanity and primary objective of AI World 2019 conference will be to offer a single, comprehensive platform for all those who like to embrace the empire of the mind and the empire of the technology. The AI World 2019 Conferences will provide techno lovers a wonderful scientific experience as well as helps to exchange innovative ideas to drive the future of the world. AI World 2019 Conference through various Plenary sessions, workshop, Group discussion, poster competition, B2B meetings will explore technologies and will shape our future.

Hilaris Conferences through the AI World 2019 conference will introduce a forum with innovative thoughts on AI, Robotics, IoT for future generation and will have the theme “Collective Approach Towards a Collective Future”.

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