BioLEAGUES International conference on climate change 2019

BioLEAGUES Worldwide cordially invites researchers and scholars around the globe to attend the “International conference on Climate change (Climate CONF 2k19) which is going to be held at Beijing, China in March 2019. This conference includes various activities like keynote presentation, oral presentation, poster presentation and student presentation.Ecologists, researchers and scholars from all part of the world will be taking part in Climate CONF 2k19 to discuss the impact of climate change in various fields, advanced technologies for controlling pollution, a statistical distribution of weather patterns etc. Other Individuals who are also concerned about our planet can participate and gain knowledge about the various control measures and the latest advancements. Human intervention with nature has always left a drastic impact resulting in the elimination of various exotic species of flora and fauna on earth. In addition to natural factors like volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, forest fire etc. the bad effects of climate are further accelerating by manmade activities like greenhouse gases emission, global warming, oil spilling in an ocean, excessive use of fertilizer, excessive usage of hydrocarbons. The scientist is working with their full efficiency to prevent the future generation from climate change. They are working to understand the future climate change by observation and theoretical models to prevent it.

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