Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health 2019

Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health hosted by Colloquium conferences take an immense pleasure in announcing “Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health” scheduled during June 06-07, 2019 in Rome, Italy focusing on the theme “Modern Dentistry: Progressive methods, Caring approach”. Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health aims to represent the dental profession and support all the members in the provision of quality oral health care and is committed in improving public oral health by promoting latest and the advanced, science-based dentistry that puts initiatives in education, research and development of high standards for dental care.

The conference aims to achieve its mission of better oral health for all by: Supporting latest scientific innovations meeting the changing needs of society and benefit the well-being of the nation, Preventing oral diseases by promoting oral health awareness and Coordinating and assisting research activities among all the sectors of dental community.

Conference Highlights: Dental Practice and Advancements in Dentistry, Dental Research and Advanced Dental Education, Digital Dentistry, Dentistry in Public Health, Dental Materials and Hygiene

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